The use of iron and steel may support the smoothness in the development and utilization of various components of high-quality engineering, especially in the field of construction and automotive industries that are more needed by the people and market.

Our Company

PT Surya Metalindo Inti has been existed since 1992. The establishment of our Company initially started from a material shop under the name of a trading company (PD) of Bumi Indah Permai that focused on the sales of mixed materials (paintings, iron, wood, carpentry tools, water pipes).

Up to this time, the Company grows increasingly and provides various ranges of iron products for the consumers in need.

About Company

It has experienced and existed in the middle of development community for more than 20 years. It has been committed to always prioritize its professional services and experienced in the field of iron and steel for more than 15 years. It has marketing team with excellent product knowledge.

Deliver product knowledge through the options to get the product as desired by the market. Prioritize a proper schedule of delivery and being able to cooperate with customer team (in-charge) in order to make sure its availability and goods delivery on time.

Our Advantage

In order to meet our customer’s satisfaction, our Company has excellences, among others:

Produk Berkualitas

Become a reliable partner, by always ensuring the quality of the products provided in accordance with customer needs.


Give as much as possible in serving our customers professionally to be able to become the company's first choice of customers in need of iron and steel products.